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Frequently asked questions

հաճախ տրվող հարցեր

The program is designed for the citizens of the Republic of Armenia living in Armenian regions and the Republic of Artsakh (starting from 18 years old from Yerevan and 16 years old from regions and the Republic of Artsakh).

The courses are going to be held until December of 2020; admission is open.

Within the grant competition framework, the courses' costs have been fixed, and prices of each course can be found in its landing pages. The courses are co-financed, which means that the Government will partially finance the courses' price, depending on the results of the entrance and final exams (the corresponding scale is presented on each course's page).

All the courses will be free for all the participants in the Artsakh wars who have passed the admission procedure. The tuition fee paid by the partisipants will be reimbursed by the winning organization.

The preference is given to those who have Armenian citizenship and currently live in the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh. The targeted age for applicant from Yerevan starts from 18 years old and for regions and the Republic of Artsakh 16 years old

However, if the applicant is not from the above mentioned targeted age groups, his/her applications will be collected in the system and will be considered after the completion of the target groups.

  • Make sure you are considered as the beneficiary of the program,
  • Fill out the online questionnaire for the registration,
  • Pass the online test
  • In case of the positive result of the exam, the participant will be granted with an opportunity to participate in the course, and the participant will be contacted by the relevant organization and will be provided with the additional information about the start date of the course (you can see the test sample in the relevant section).

Each organization, which carries out courses, has its own timetable for the course. You can get acquainted with the details in the relevant section of the course.

There isn't a set threshold for testing; however, preference will be given to the participant with more than 60% test result (applications with the result less than 60% will be considered as well).

Please be informed that due to the limited number of participants, there may be competition, as a result of which preference will be given to applicants who have scored the highest points in the admission process.

The appropriate company will connect with participants either by phone or email and info about test results.

There is no restriction on participating in several courses simultaneously. The applicant is free to take any course he/she wishes.

At the end of the course, an online exam/test will be conducted to test both the theoretical and practical pieces of knowledge and skills. At the end of the examination, the participants who have got high results will receive a certificate of completion; the participants who have received a score below the set threshold will receive a certificate with excellence (if the resulting grade will be 85% or more), a graduation certificate (if the resulting grade will be 50-84% or more) and a participation certificate (if the resulting grade will be 49% or less)

The courses will be conducted by well-known training companies and experts experienced in the high-tech sector. You can see the list of companies and implemented courses in Partners section

On each course's landing page, you can find contact info through which you can connect and ask any question you need.

You need to do the following:

  1. Check your junk emails
  2. Connect with course organizers
  3. Send your question to edu@hti.am email

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