About the Program


The program is designed by the Ministry of High-Tech Industry based on the study of the market, educational programs of educational institutions, as well as on the determination of the specialties, that are currently in high demand and expected to develop in the future. The following issues have been identified:

  • In the fast-growing high-tech labor market, there is a demand for many beginner and intermediate specialists, at the same time, a demand for constantly growing vacancies of sector organizations and qualified specialists.
  • As a result of the epidemic, many industries are making a sharp transition to the world of digitalization, as a result of which many employees lose their jobs due to lack of relevant knowledge or lack of tools.

The Objective of the Program

“University - private sector cooperation” program intends to:

  • Establish platforms for regular dialogue between companies and universities, study the needs of training specialists in the field of technology, develop appropriate training programs for specialists and implement targeted trainings through professional courses.
  • Promote private sector-university cooperation; contribute to the establishment of high-tech and information society, as well as promote the formation of the leading position of Armenia, as a knowledge-based economy, both in the region and the world.
  • The appropriate amount of educated specialist in Yerevan, regions and Republic of Artsakh will contribute to the creation and development of new technological centers/laboratories, as well as the provision of the effective activity of the already existing centers by engaging sufficient technological and industrial opportunities
  • Decentralize the concentration of IT-trained specialists in the capital, promoting the reduction of socio-economic disparities between Yerevan and the regions.
  • Create conditions for the people in the industrial areas that suffered from Coronavirus (COVID19) as well as 2020 graduate students to gain relevant knowledge, move from another sphere to the technological one by implementing the following steps: to study the training needs of specialists in the field of technology, to develop appropriate professional training programs, to conduct courses.

Program Implementation

In order to achieve its objectives, the program intends to implement online courses for around 5,000 beginner and intermediate specialists throughout the Republic of Armenia (including the capital Yerevan and regions) and the Republic of Artsakh.

Program Components

1. Implementation of “Basics of Programming" course

In the scope of minimizing the economic effects of COVID19 free “The Basics of Programming” online course is implemented free of charge for 2,000 participants.

The objective of the program is to create a platform for people who are in the vulnerable sectors as a result of the Coronavirus, as well as for the graduates of the Universities in 2020 to acquire relevant knowledge and make a transition to the technological field.

The course is designed for those citizens of the Republic of Armenia who have reached the age of 18, pass the course admission procedure and will meet the goal of the program. The 30% from all the participants will be involved from the RA regions and the Republic of Artsakh.

The participants will gain fundamental knowledge on the basics of programming, get acquainted with the basic knowledge of the C ++ programming language, will gain skills and abilities that will contribute to the applicant's further education in programming, will develop engineering thinking, mindset and professional curiosity. At the end of the course the participants will master the basics of programming, will develop logical skills and will be able to take their first steps in the field of programming.

2. The implementation of targeted online learning

In the scope of targeted online learning until the end of 2020 co-financed online courses in 18 different technological dimensions (both in beginner and intermediate levels) are going to be conducted. Around 4000 residents from Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh can participate in the program.

The program is open for the RA citizens living in the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh (18 years old from Yerevan and 16 years old from the regions of the RA) who will pass the course admission procedure and will meet the requirements of the program.

The target groups of the project are:

  • Students
  • Participants from the vulnerable sectors due to Covid 19 (tourism, service sector companies etc.)
  • Beginners of the high-tech sector
  • Specialists working in the high-tech sector
  • Anybody, who wants to receive basic and narrowly specialized technical education in the high-tech sector

The courses will be co-financed ․ The Government will finance a certain part of the course fee, which will depend on the results of the entrance exam (Yerevan - 10% -80% of the course fee, the RA regions and the Republic of Artsakh- 30% -90% of the course fee).

Hurry up to register and have your participation in upbringing generation.

You can get acquainted with the application procedure by the following link.