The program is open for citizens of the Republic of Armenia who have reached the age of 18 and have basic knowledge in the field of technology, will pass the admission procedure approved by the organization and will meet the selection criteria of the organization.
Yes, it is possible to apply, but the internship will take place in the company where you will overcome the admission procedure and receive an internship offer.
Admission will be based on the admission mechanism developed by each organization (test, interview, etc.)
All those who pass the admission procedure approved by the internship organization and meet the organization selection criteria will be selected by the organization as an intern.
The total internship period for each trainee is set at 6 months if the trainee passes the mid-term evaluation phase. The internship of a trainee who has not passed the mid-term evaluation phase will be 3 months.
Yes. As the result of the final evaluation the intern will receive either the full-time job offer or a certificate of completion of the program
The organization where the intern will be accepted for the internship, the contract will be signed and the payment of 98.000 AMD (taxes included) will be made.