Within the framework of the grant program announced by the Ministry of High-tech industry of the Republic of Armenia, Microsoft Innovation Center is implementing beginner level courses on "JavaScript" programming courses.

Training goals

The Innovation Center Foundation is organizing a two-month intermediate course on JavaScript programming languages for 200 people through co-financing, which will enable:

  • Gain fundamental knowledge and good basis to deepen knowledge of web development,
  • Learn fundamentals of HTML5 and CSS3,
  • Develop the outline of websites of any complexity,
  • Learn object-oriented concepts of JavaScript.

What you should know

The Innovation Center Foundation (Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia) offers tech educational programs, through which the participants can learn programming and gain practical coding skills, deepen their knowledge of different programming languages and technologies. The Center also helps learners develop soft skills and refers the best students to various IT companies.

The center offers an innovative and efficient method of developing technical and soft skills in the technological field, which helps them enter IT workforce market, thus bridging education with IT companies.

The program is open for the citizens of the Republic of Armenia living in the RA regions and the Republic of Artsakh (starting from 18 years old from Yerevan and 16 years old from regions and the Republic of Artsakh) who will successfully undergo the admission procedure and will meet the objectives of the program․

The target groups of the program are:

  • participants in the Artsakh wars (all the courses will be free for all the participants who have passed the admission procedure)
  • participants from the sectors, most affected by the COVID 19 pandemic (tourism, service sector companies etc.)
  • students
  • specialists working in the high-tech sector
  • anybody, who wants to receive basic and narrowly specialized technical education in the high-tech sector

The applicant shall have the necessary minimum skills and knowledge:

  • Adequate knowledge of school math program
  • Logical thinking
  • Computer literacy

All applicants will need to pass the enrollment test before the course start.

The online enrolment test consists of 10 questions (on school match program and logical thinking). The preference will be given to participants who will have the score of more than 60% from the enrolment test.

The courses are co-financed. The Government will cover part of the fee, which will depend on the results of admission and final exams. (see the table below).

Tuition fee - 35,000 AMD.

Participants who have passed the selection process, will pay 50% of the tuition fee (17,500 AMD) irrespective of the enrolment test score. The tuition fee will be recalculated based on the score of the course completion test.

For example, the average score of the course enrolment and completion tests is 80%

  • If you are from Yerevan, the Government will finance 70% of the course tuition fee (24,500 AMD) and your part of the tuition fee will be 30% (10,500 AMD). Upon the course completion the ‘Innovation Center’ Foundation will reimburse 7,000 AMD. As a result, your tuition fee will be 10,500 AMD
  • If you are from a region and the Republic of Artsakh, 80% of the tuition fee (28,000AMD) will be covered by the Government and your part of the tuition fee will be 20% (7,000 AMD). Upon the course completion the ‘Innovation Center’ foundation will reimburse 10,500 AMD, and you tuition fee will be 7,000 AMD

The beginner level course on JavaScript I will be conducted three times a week (24 lessons in total, 2 hours each). The group will consist of 25 students on average.

The course will consist of theoretical and practical parts:

  • The theoretical part will be 24% of the course
  • The practical part will be 76% of the course

The course will be delivered online through ZOOM

The platform Testportal.net will be used for the course completion test which will be checked automatically.

We would like to inform that the applicant will be withdrawn from the course in case of

  • 5 consequent absences
  • Disturbing online classes

The course participants will have an opportunity to learn

  • Fundamentals of HTML 5
  • Fundamentals of CSS 3
  • Fundamentals of JavaScript
  • Advanced JavaScript

The detailed curriculum is presented here.

Upon the course completion the online exam/test will be conducted as a result of which the theoretical and practical skills of the students will be assessed. The test will be considered positive at the score of 50% and more։

Upon the course completion the participants will receive

  • Certificate of Excellence (85% and more from the completion test)
  • Certificate of Completion (50-84% from the completion test)
  • Certificate of Participation (49% and less from the completion test)

To measure your knowledge you can take an Example Test, which will help you get familiar with the test format.

To take the Example Test, please, follow the link

*Please, be informed that the Example Test is ONLY for you to check your knowledge. To apply for the course, please, fill in the Registration Form by following the link

The Amount of money that government will pay for the training

The courses are co-financed. The Government will cover part of the fee, which will depend on the results of admission and final exams․

*All the courses will be free for all the participants in the Artsakh wars who have passed the admission procedure. The tuition fee paid by the participants will be reimbursed by the winning organization.

Less than 50% result
Regions and the RA
51% -75% result
Regions and the RA
Over 76% result
Regions and the RA

number of participants


Application Procedure


Fill out the application form


Pass an online test


After finalizing test results we will contact you

To apply for the program, fill out the online registration form below

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Hayk Grigoryan

Hayk Grigoryan

Software Developer

Aida Zaqaryan

Aida Zaqaryan

Full Stack Web Developer

Hovhannes Babayan

Hovhannes Babayan

Senior React.JS developer

Hripsime Muradyan

Hripsime Muradyan

freelance programmer, lecturer

Vahram Tutkharyan

Vahram Tutkharyan

Senior programmer

Zoya Bezoyan

Zoya Bezoyan

Back End Developer

Vahagn Kharatyan

Vahagn Kharatyan

Web programming and Networking Trainer

Sargis Markosyan

Sargis Markosyan

Software Developer