Within the framework of the grant program announced by the Ministry of High-Tech Industry of the Republic of Armenia, NPUA is implementing the beginner level course on Python programming language co-financed by the Government.

Training goals

The National Polytechnic University of Armenia (NPUA) is implementing an intermediate level training course on Python Programming Languages for 550 participants, which will give a chance to:

  • learn structured programming in Python language
  • get acquainted with Python language features, application areas, syntax, simple, conditional and cyclic operators, basic data structures, the means of their development
  • examine Python language features, software modules, libraries, interaction tools, the possibilities of exceptions handling, regular expressions (RegEx) application means, and possibilities of working with the file systems
  • through hands-on activities, participants will be able to apply the Python language to solve structural programming problems (conditional and cyclic operators, data structures, file systems, etc.)

What you should know

For many years, NPUA has been successfully carrying out the mission of training specialists in the field of high technology (IT), being a forge providing specialists to IT companies. The vast majority of the powerful army of more than 1800 graduates of NPUA annually comes to meet the growing demand of the High Tech labor market. This is evidenced by the fact that the graduates of the Polytechnic make up the majority of employees of High Tech organizations, which is facilitated by the largest experience of mutually beneficial cooperation of NPUA with those organizations in Armenia.

"Python" programming language course along with machine learning and artificial intelligence sections is also included in the list of NPUA lecturers' training courses. The specialists of NPUA have developed a unique course for the application of Python language, which includes the relevant sections of higher mathematics and Python programming language.

The program is open for the citizens of the Republic of Armenia living in the RA regions and the Republic of Artsakh (starting from 18 years old from Yerevan and 16 years old from regions and the Republic of Artsakh) who will successfully undergo the admission procedure and will meet the objectives of the program․

The target groups of the program are:

  • participants in the Artsakh wars (all the courses will be free for all the participants who have passed the admission procedure)
  • participants from the sectors, most affected by the COVID 19 pandemic (tourism, service sector companies etc.)
  • students
  • specialists working in the high-tech sector
  • anybody, who wants to receive basic and narrowly specialized technical education in the high-tech sector

For participation in the courses the applicant should possess the following minimal knowledge and skills:

  • knowledge of school mathematics
  • Ability to read and understand English
  • minimum computer knowledge
  • analytical thinking
  • Ability to learn in a non-formal environment

Prior to the start of the training evaluation of applicants knowledge will be implemented by online test.

The online test of acceptance will include 25 questions (questions on Armenian և English languages, general development, familiarity with IT and logical questions). The preference will be given to the participants who’ve gained more than 60% points.

The courses are co-financed. The Government will cover part of the fee, which will depend on the results of admission and final exams. (see the table below).

Tuition Fee – 40 000 AMD

Python programming language I (beginner) level training courses will be implemented 3 times a week (totally 27 lessons –2 hours long each). The group will be consisted of 25 students in average.

The course will consist of theoretical and practical parts:

  • the theoretical part will make 67% of the course
  • the practical part will make 33% of the course

The training courses will be implemented online through licensed Microsoft Teams system.

As additional tools for the organization of the teleconference mode in some cases tools like Google Meet, Zoom and Jitsi will be applied.

To check the final exam The iUniversity platform developed at NPUA will be used, which allows to automatically check and evaluate the solved problems. The licensed Microsoft Teams system can be used as an additional tool.

We inform that the applicant will be removed in case of the following conditions:

  • If he/she will absent from 1/3 of implemented lessons
  • In the case of negative evaluation from midterm testing (right answer to less than 30% of questions)
  • In the case of submitting a corresponding application

The participants of the training course will get the opportunity to learn in details:

  1. Introduction to programming
  2. Python programming language
  3. The simplest operators
  4. Conditional and looping structures
  5. Data collections
  6. Functions and lambda expressions
  7. Modules and packages
  8. Working with file system
  9. Regular expressions (RegEx)
  10. Programming code changes management with git system
  11. Exceptions handling

You can find the curriculum in more detail by the following link

At the end of the courses an online exam/test will be conducted in the result of which the theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge gained by the students will be checked. The test will be considered positive if 50% or more points will be gained.

At the end of the course the participants will get:

  • certificate with excellence (if the resulting grade will be 85% or more)
  • graduation certificate (if the resulting grade will be 50-84% or more)
  • participation certificate (if the resulting grade will be 49% or less)

To test your knowledge you can take the example test, through which you can get acquainted with types and complexity of the problems.

To take the Example Test, please, follow the link.

*Please, be informed that the Example Test is ONLY for you to check your knowledge. To apply for the course, please, fill in the Registration Form by following the link.

The Amount of money that government will pay for the training

The courses are co-financed. The Government will cover part of the fee, which will depend on the results of admission and final exams․

*All the courses will be free for all the participants in the Artsakh wars who have passed the admission procedure. The tuition fee paid by the participants will be reimbursed by the winning organization.

Less than 50% result
51% -75% result
Over 76% result

number of participants


Application Procedure


Fill out the application form


Pass an online test


After finalizing test results we will contact you

To apply for the program, fill out the online registration form below

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